5 Tips for Students: Avoiding Cell Phone Damage when Back-to-School

New clothes, school supplies and lunches are a few of the expenses you always anticipate when sending your students back to school. With all these costs, what parent wants to add the expense of needing to have a damaged cell phone repaired?

Here are 5 tips on how you can encourage your child or teen to be proactive in avoiding damage to their cell phone this school year, which will help you steer clear of repair costs and the frustration that it can cause.

Share the following with your child as he or she heads back to school:

1. Don't horse around, do sports or other physical activities with your phone in your pocket, especially in athletic shorts.

2. Place your phone in a zipped pocket of your backpack when going to the restroom. This will keep your phone clear of toilets and sinks.

3. Don't multi-task while on your phone. Distracted attention leads to accidental drops.

4. Avoid taking one-handed selfies. Use two hands. One hand may help get the perfect pose but it's not worth the risk of dropping your phone.

5. Lastly, don't eat lunch with your phone on the table. Of course spilled drinks are a danger, but seemingly harmless food like butter has been known to kill a phone if it seeps into the device.

Rebel Wireless is a cell phone repair and service business located in Lee's Summit, MO. Our goal is to truly serve customers with friendly, reasonably-priced and reliable phone, tablet and laptop repair services. Reach us at 816-596-1418 or at www.rebelwireless.net

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