iPhone Repair

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market. Its fans love its many features, functionality, app compatibility, and its excellent accessories such as the camera. However, as with any type of cell phone, iPhones are susceptible to many types of damage and problems. At Rebel Wireless, we offer a full range of iPhone diagnostic, repair, and replacement services.


Glass & LCD Repair


Damage to a smartphone’s screen is one of the most common phone repair issues. Luckily, it’s also one of the most fixable. We can replace cracked, chipped, or shattered glass in your iPhone, and we can also repair damage to your phone’s liquid crystal display (LCD) panel, which controls both display and touchscreen functionality.


Component Repair and Replacement Parts


Smartphones, including iPhones, have numerous, complex components that make them the powerful mini-computers we rely on every day. Whether through normal wear and tear or unexpected damage, many of these components may need replacement during the life of your phone. We carry a wide range of high-quality replacement parts for iPhones so we can reunite you with your device as soon as possible. If your phone is having problems charging or doesn’t seem to hold a charge, you may need charge port repair or a replacement charger. Your iPhone’s camera is one of the best smartphone cameras available, so if you start seeing a decline in photo quality, bring it to Rebel Wireless for diagnostic and repair. You may need a replacement camera lens. If you’re having problems with your iPhone’s audio features, there are several possible culprits. We can run a diagnostic to determine whether your headphone/speaker jack, ear speaker, or loudspeaker needs repair or replacement. Other iPhone components that may need repair or replacement include the microphone, vibrate features, back housing and frame, and your home, power, and volume buttons--Rebel Wireless can fix or replace all of the above!


Battery Replacement


Your iPhone’s lithium ion battery is a powerful device, but it’s susceptible to various types of damage, including overheating, corrosion, and inability to hold a charge. If you suspect your phone has battery problems, bring it to Rebel Wireless for a full diagnostic and a quick replacement.


Water Damage


As with all cell phones and electronic devices, iPhones can be completely ruined by exposure to water and moisture. Even a small amount of water can do a lot of damage over time if it isn’t addressed immediately. That’s because liquids seep into the inner workings of your iPhone and corrosion sets in, ruining the battery and other metal components. If your iPhone has sustained any type of water damage, skip the ineffective DIY fixes like putting it in a bag of rice and bring it to the pros at Rebel Wireless right away. The faster we are able to assess the damage, the more likely we will be able to perform a complete repair.


We also carry a wide range of iPhone accessories so you can both customize and protect your device, extending its life while looking stylish.

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