iPad Repair

At Rebel Wireless, we specialize in many types of personal electronic devices, including iPads.


Repair Services


LCD and Screen Repair


If your iPad sustains screen damage, it doesn’t just make it harder to see the display, it can actually cause greater damage to the display over time. That’s because a chipped or cracked screen exposes your iPad’s liquid crystal display (LCD) to damage. Your LCD is what gives your iPad its crisp, superior display as well as its touchscreen functionality. Getting your screen damage repaired right away is the best way to prevent further damage.


Replacement Parts and Services


We all know that iPads have tons of great features, and they are renowned for the quality of their cameras. However, camera lenses are notoriously fragile, and damage to your camera can render your iPad a lot less useful. We can diagnose and repair iPad camera problems and we stock an extensive supply of replacement parts so you can get back to taking sharp, stunning pictures in no time.


Other parts of your iPad, including the dock connector, headphone jack, speakers, and function buttons like the power and volume buttons may take a beating over time. Instead of buying a whole new, expensive iPad, bring it to the pros at Rebel Wireless for a quick, efficient repair that can save you a lot of cash.

Your iPad may need a replacement battery at some point, whether it’s due to some type of damage or incorrect charging. We stock high-quality replacement parts so we can quickly swap out your iPad’s battery and have your device working as well as the day you bought it.


Water Damage


Internal corrosion due to water damage can completely ruin your iPad if it’s not addressed right away. If your iPad has been exposed to water or other liquid damage, bring it to Rebel Wireless as soon as possible for a diagnostic. We’ll determine the extent of the damage and repair it if possible. If your phone is beyond repair, we offer excellent replacement options.

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