Cracked Screen Repair

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices, like iPads and tablets, are an integral part of modern life. However, these glass-and-metal devices can also be extremely fragile. It’s always harrowing to drop your phone--even with a protective case--and wonder what you’re going to find when you pick it up. If your phone or tablet screen is cracked, scratched, gouged, chipped, or even shattered, bring it to the pros at Rebel Wireless as soon as possible. We can fix almost any type of glass and LCD screen damage.


What We Repair

At Rebel Wireless, we repair virtually all types of personal electronic devices, including cell phones like iPhones, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and more. We also repair tablets and e-readers including iPads.


Cracked Screen Repair Services

Glass Repair


It’s important to repair any type of damage to the glass part of your device’s screen. That’s because the glass protects the liquid crystal display, or LCD, which is the component that provides both display and touchscreen functionality. Even a seemingly minor chip or crack in your glass can potentially expose your fragile LCD panel to contaminants such as dirt, dust, pocket lint, and moisture, causing problems with the display and an inability of the touchscreen to function properly.


LCD Repair


If your screen damage has already reached the device’s LCD panel, we can still help. How can you tell if this is the case? If you have a glitchy, erratic display, liquid-like splotches on the display, or impaired touchscreen function, you have probably sustained LCD damage. Bring it on down to Rebel Wireless and we’ll run a diagnostic and discuss the next steps in the repair process with you.


We also offer a wide range of protective gear, including cases and screen protectors, to help prevent future damage and extend the life of your phone or tablet.

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