Cell Phone Repair

At Rebel Wireless, our objective is freeing you from overpriced device repairs. We diagnose and repair all types of cell phones, from your old-school talk and text model to the latest iPhone. Whether you have a Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, or virtually any other type of phone, we’ll help you keep your phone in great shape and avoid pricey replacement costs.

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Cell Phone Repair Services


Cracked or Damaged Phone Screen

One of the most common types of damage a cell phone incurs is a cracked screen. Whether your phone has been dropped, hit, or crushed, there’s no question that a broken, cracked, or shattered screen will interfere with your ability to use your phone properly, and in many cases, it will be completely unusable. Even seemingly minor damage to your phone screen can cause serious problems down the road by allowing dust, pocket lint, moisture, and other contaminants to reach your phone’s liquid crystal display (LCD). This will cause poor display quality and compromised touchscreen capability.

Water Damage


Like other electronic devices, cell phones and water are a notoriously bad combination. Whether you get caught in the rain, shoved into a pool, or just happen to drop your phone or spill liquid on it, water damage can cause lasting problems that may not even show up right away. That’s because water can seep inside your phone and get trapped there, where it corrodes metal parts over time. Some types of water damage can be repaired, so the sooner you get your phone to the pros at Rebel Wireless, the more likely we will be able to save it.

Other Services


We can diagnose and repair almost any type of problem with your cell phone. If you’re getting error messages, dealing with a virus or hardware malfunction, or sustain damage to the exterior of your phone, bring it on down to Rebel Wireless. We’ll find out what’s wrong and recommend the best course of action to get you and your phone happily back together again.

We also sell a variety of protective gear, such as cases and screen protectors, to help prevent future damage to your cell phone.

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